Before and After our MaintenanceLead sheet is an unrivalled weather proofing material and out performs all other roof coverings, however lead sheet reacts to thermal changes, expanding in warm sunlight and contracting when temperatures cool. Properly allowing for this thermal movement when sizing and fixing any detail is critical to its long term performance, which is why only a skilled installer should be used.

Bay Window LeadworksWe offer a service to inspect lead coverings (lead lined gutters, valleys, flat roofs, shop fronts) etc. If we find any fractures we can discuss the options from full replacement, to lead weld any fractures that are causing water ingress and in doing so extending the life span of the lead.

In conjunction with our leadwork services we also offer tiling, slating and joinery services. So whether a tile has slipped or blown off, we cover all aspects of roofing.

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